Hiya bio

The idea for the project came mostly trying to use my professional experience as manager of a local product development company that I worked for 3 years. I had many ideas that were not sponsored. They aimed the expansion of business activities by forging partnerships with cooperatives and associations. I managed to have a partnership agreement with a Chinese company, for the export of Argan oil 6000L per year. Unfortunately, it was not turned on by my former officials. 

All these constraints have turned into a strong motivation to create my own business in order to achieve my goals, to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.

The project is located in an area where the raw material is abundant, where the area of Taroudant Argan in the province is 65% of the total area. I count myself differentiate over competitors through:
  • The kiosques- Terroirs: business magazine for public places (bus stations, taxi stations, public places ...) with the collaboration of local authorities (municipalities, prefectures and provinces).
  • Have a final product that meets the quality standards and universally known performances (shaped bottles, labels ...).
  • Initiate a product certification process.

HIYA BIO (the trade name of the project) is in particular the production, promotion and marketing of regional products, it aims to conquer other markets and comply with international quality standards recognized worldwide.